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Tim came to us on the 12th of April with the goal of losing weight and improving his fitness, posture and eliminating his existing injuries. In the past Tim had struggled with lack of motivation and a poor diet.

Training with us 3 x a week, Tim has found a new determination to achieve the goals he set himself, he has taken on board the training and nutrition advise provided and applied this to his lifestyle, and with this has yielded positive results.

Over the past 8 weeks of training Tim’s confidence has improved along with his: fitness, posture, energy levels. Once Tim started seeing results it improved his motivation yet again. Tim has lost a total of 4kg of body fat, whilst gaining 1 inch on his arms and 2 inches on his legs. His fitness has improved dramatically, which he showed during his recent physical assessment by improving his 500m SkiErg sprint by 20 seconds which is no easy achievement. Also, Tim has increased his deadlift and bench press 10 rep max weight by 10Kg indicating his overall improvement with strength. Tim aims to continue his progress by working even harder over the coming months to develop his confidence further. We look forward to working with him on his journey to find his true potential.

Well done Tim, keep up the hard work!

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Bodypro personal training studio was set up in 2004 to combine exercise, nutrition and motivational coaching within a unique private environment.

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