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Eliza came to Bodypro 30th October 2019 wanting to lose a little weight, get in shape and generally improve exercise and nutrition consistency. She was already attending spinning and other gym classes 2-3 times a week but wanted to add to this some resistance/ gym training to challenge her and see what she could achieve.
Eliza has taken on board all the advice given, tracked her calories and done the programme given to her at Bodypro whilst visiting the gym. She has such a positive attitude to exercise and improving her eating habits at what is the most difficult time of year to stay on track. This has resulted in just 6 weeks, half a stone weight loss and feeling much better in her clothes. This is down to consistent routine in the gym whilst coming to Bodypro once a week and planning food choices, tracking calories but still managing to enjoy the festive season every now and again. We are due to do all Eliza’s fitness and wellbeing assessments before Christmas and fully expecting her to have improved in every aspect.
Eliza is proof that given some discipline and determination you can still make changes, even around Christmas. What are your 2020 goals?

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Bodypro personal training studio was set up in 2004 to combine exercise, nutrition and motivational coaching within a unique private environment.

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