Winter 2021

An incredibly tasty Thai green curry recipe made with fragrant lemongrass, healing ginger, garlic & turmeric, and a boost of plant-based protein from chickpeas. This vegetarian Thai green curry is the ultimate bowl of healthy comfort food to eat when

This easy and healthy buffalo chicken salad makes a great lunch or protein-packed snack. Made with tangy buffalo sauce and plenty of fresh herbs, this chicken salad is full of that buffalo wing flavor you know and love. Not only

Shakshuka, or eggs poached in an aromatic tomato sauce, is a fast, one-pan breakfast staple originating from both Northern Africa and Israel. This healthy recipe features spinach, herbs and tomatillos. Garnish with a touch of harissa (a fiery chilli paste)

Wonderfully tasty pear baked oatmeal with hints of cinnamon, vanilla and sweet pears in every bite. This easy pear oatmeal bake is filled with warming flavors and makes a perfect winter breakfast or brunch, using up some ripe pears which

Venison is the name given to any of the species of deer sold as meat in the UK. The lean, red meat is low in fat and full of flavour and has become popular and widely available. This venison casserole benefits

Add this super simple pasta bake to your weeknight repetoire for an easy, cheesy and hearty, yet reasonably healthy, meal that is perfect for feeding a hungry family. SERVES 4 | PREP TIME - 25 mins | COOK TIME 20-25 mins

Crushing the winter colds (and potentially COVID-19 too) with this Immune Boosting Winter Citrus Smoothie.

This smoothie is jam pack with vitamin C and plenty of nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. Keeping your immune system strong, and energized all day long!

A great morning smoothie or mid afternoon snack and no matter what, it’s going to brighten your winter’s day.

SERVES 2 | PREP TIME - 15 mins | TOTAL COOK TIME - 15 mins

Golden Turmeric Chicken Soup with chickpeas and sweet potatoes will be your go-to winter soup! Flavourful, addicting, both sweet and spicy, and incredibly good for you with ginger, garlic, coconut milk and a touch of peanut butter. And a mere

Avocados make salad dressings and ice creams super-creamy, so why not put them in a pasta sauce? It’s also a great way of using up overly ripe avocados. This is a super simple and speedy healthy recipe to make, nicely


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