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Our Client Of The Month Award for August goes to a couple this month.. awarded to both Matt & Christalla Turner! Matt is 41 & Christalla is 38 They train together with Jonny in Rochdale twice a week and they live together

Tim came to us on the 12th of April with the goal of losing weight and improving his fitness, posture and eliminating his existing injuries. In the past Tim had struggled with lack of motivation and a poor diet. Training with

This month’s recognition goes to Jodie & Emma for their current progress check. Jodie & Emma started training at the end of March (16 weeks out from a wedding abroad) with the goal of improving body composition and generally feeling better

January’s client of the month is Gina Thornton. In the last 6 months Gina has lost a huge 44lb and had massive improvements in fitness and reduction in her dress size significantly. It’s been great to see that consistency gets

Ryan’s from Littleborough and trains x3/week in the evenings. His reason for (re)starting training at BodyPro was to lose more weight than he had already done as he wasn’t satisfied with how he felt and looked even though he went for

This month the award goes to Kevin Kelly…the first acknowledgement since the lockdown was lifted.   After a tough few months earlier in the year (for everyone) Kevin has come back and wasted no time in correcting any setbacks from lockdown.   It’s worth

Personal Trainer's Client of the Month Joanne Bell Our Personal Trainer's Client of the Month goes to Joanne Bell for January. Joanne came to us with the hope of improving general fitness, reduce bodyfat % and improve muscle tone. Her training was

Congratulations to Eliza! Personal training - Rochdale client of the month Eliza is our client of the month. She came to Bodypro Personal Training in Rochdale on 30th October 2019 wanting to lose a little weight, get in shape and generally


Bodypro personal training studio was set up in 2004 to combine exercise, nutrition and motivational coaching within a unique private environment.

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